Tuesday, February 16, 2010

compose a card #4

I was lurking the other day at the Papertrey ink's forum and the thread I was looking at was talking about the new challenge that Becky Ohlers started called compose a card so I thought this week I would play along. So I go on over to Becky's blog to check it out and this is what I find.........


Okay no big deal.... true black....check, ripe avocado ....check, white.... check, vintage button... check, satin ribbon.... check, negative/reverse stamp... umm - no. Can you believe I don't own a negative/ reverse stamp!!??!  So what  am I going to do?  I say to myself....  Fake it :)  So shhhhh don't tell Becky that that is not an awesome in bloom negative/reverse stamp stamped in true black.... it's our secret.... I don't think she'll notice... okay??:)
So this is what I came up with.........

I am really not sure if I know the rules to this compose a card challenge. I am probably disqualifying myself  for 
 not having a negative/reverse stamp.

I guess I just wanted to do my own twist and seen as how I already disqualified myself I just played with it.
This color combo was new to me because ..well.. there is no pink...and no aqua mist.....and no spring moss:)
Actually it was good for me to get out of my box a bit. I did one of those layered butterflies that I have been seeing lately and I used my stain ribbon for the butterfly trail.... ummm it is a little thicker that your average butterfly trail but hey I was just playing around!! We are talking a bit of whimsy here!! I just twisted & turned & glued down here and there to make it.  I used my button for an accent on the butterfly. I also just realized that this is the first long card I have ever made!!! Wow I am really coming out of the box tonight!!!
So anyway I tried and Thanks Becky for a new take on challenges.... I think I really like it!!

As always.... Thanks for looking and have a great day!!!


all supplies are from papertrey ink 

stamps: in bloom, recipe box labels ( scroll), autumn abundance (sentiment)
ink: ripe avacado, true black
cardstock: ripe avacado, true black, white
patterned paper: in bloom...black
ribbon: ripe avacado satin
button: ripe avacado mix
butterfly punch: ek success


  1. Look at that trailing green ribbon behind the butterfly, inspired! And I had one, count it one -- set of stamps with a reverse image. :) You're not alone.

  2. LOVE IT! That butterfly trail is amazing - I love your interpretation of this challenge. Great job!

  3. So, so pretty! I love the trailing ribbon to signify the butterfly's trail. Clever!

  4. Oh what a fabulous card; I love it!!!

  5. Oh my gosh!! What a creative solution for the no negative image problem!!! This is simply stunning!! Love that butterfly and its satin ribbon trail too!

  6. WOW, what a beautiful card! LOVE how you used the ribbon as a butterfly trail. Can't go wrong with In Bloom.

  7. Loved this! So creative...I LOVE that! Your post made me laugh! Congrats on making my top 3 this week!

  8. Congratulations for the honor of Becky's Top 3!

  9. Congrats Lisa on making the Top 3. Love the butterfly ribbon trail!

  10. Congrats on making the top 3! I love everything you did on the card. In bloom is my favorite set. The butterfly is beautiful. I so love what you did with the ribbon! I also like how you decorated the sentiment. Great job!

  11. Congratulations! Your card is beautiful and the ribbon trail is fantastic.

  12. Love the flutterby! keep up the inspirations


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